Data transmission terminal in smart meter reading application in Bulgaria

Date:2015-01-21 15:59:00

          Smart meter reading solution and the development of smart grid have been a preferred field in many countries. With the development of IOT wireless communication, a smart energy network which is able to manage volume data will be created, and makes efficient grid possible.

          Since the beginning of 2014, Four-Faith has been dedicated in providing technical support and services to this Bulgaria customer. It is learned that in Bulgaria, most families have smart meters, so this cooperation is a breakthrough for Four-Faith to enter into Bulgaria electricity industry.

         Smart meter reading system consists of automatic collecting, transmission, handling and real time monitoring of electric data. With this system, operators can just sit in office and by clicking mouses, the job of meter reading, data filling will be done, and also perform real time monitoring, like detecting abnormal electricity status.

Photos of field installation in Bulgaria

         The data transmission modern building construction puts many meters together, and real electricity data can be read though embedded SCM, and able to communicate with outside through RS485 interface. Four-Faith F2X14 4G Modem ( GPRS IP MODEM, GPRS DTU, GPRS 4G LTE MODEM Price, gprs modem suppliers) connects with meter through RS485 interface, and connect with data center through mobile network. Therefore, data center is able to connect to each and every meter to realize this remote meter reading application.

         Bulgaria customer expressed that smart meter reading system can greatly improve work efficiency and accuracy, leads company service to a new level and brings favorable social image and benefit.

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