Transmission Line Fault Wireless Monitoring Application

Date:2014-02-13 10:47:00

Transmission line fault wireless monitoring application

Installing fault indicators that can collect cable temperature and current signal in the transmission line, and convert related analog data into serial data by microcontroller, Four-Faith F2114 as a transmission equipment to send them to data center through mobile network operator, vice versa, when monitoring center need to ‘telemetry’, ‘remote communication’, ‘remote control’ terminal device, the data is sent to F2114 transmission terminal through GPRS network, remote GPRS terminal will receive the data by serial port to control fault indicators, bidirectional data transmission.

Quickly display failure time, location, phase position, error type and other information on monitoring center. This system improve the efficiency of fault finding.

Transmission line fault monitoring application

Why Four-Faith?

1. Multi-center transmission:

Support simultaneous transmission of multiple data centers (five data centers), to facilitate the management departments to get data for efficient management.

2. Low power consumption:

Low power consumption design, with a strong advantage in the application of solar energy, wind power, etc.

3. High signal sensitivity:

With higher signal reception sensitivity, can quickly get the strongest signal, to ensure reliable data transmission.

4. Lightning protection & damp proof:

Four-Faith F2X14 low power consumption wireless communication terminal, lightning protection has done a corresponding optimization, effective way to avoid fatal damage to the equipment caused by lightning storm.

5. Easy wiring:

Use terminal block, provide 5 X I/Os (3 X digital I/Os, 2 X analog inputs) for easy access to a variety of the sensors.

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